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Director's Desk

On behalf of the Cambrian family, I would like to welcome everyone to The Cambrian School. It is a privilege for me to be the founder and director of an institution which is forever growing and evolving. The school has an outstanding reputation and I am proud to be part of such a wonderful community. Cambrian is full of enthusiastic students who are ever willing to learn. True education of a child is only possible when the school, the parent and the child form a strong triangle. I am thankful to supportive families who are deeply interested in their children’s education and to the dedicated staff for making it possible. We, at Cambrian strive to provide a rigorous, standard based curriculum focused on students and their individual needs. We believe in educating the whole child focusing on academic, social and emotional growth.

I would like to encourage and appreciate each parent who plays an active role in their child’s education. I thank you for all of your support!

We try to create a safe environment where respect, humbleness, integrity, and labour are continuously taught and practised. We focus on creating an atmosphere of mutual respect and tolerance for people from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds. Our educational programs are infused with enthusiasm for hard work and focused on achieving the desired goal.

It gives me immense joy to see that parents feel at ease in communicating with us or meeting us personally for their ward. It is through working together that we will succeed in bringing the best educational opportunities to your child.

I am proud to be a part of your Cambrian and your child’s education and wish that one day you and your child will look back to school years with nostalgic pride!

Dr. Simu Ghai