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Principal's Desk

Principal's Desk

The Cambrian School takes pride in serving the nation by producing the vehement young minds that endure assertiveness. The classroom story starts off with a tool known as ‘relation’ and the beauty of relations between a teacher and his subjects is to understand each other. A great teacher is not only a prodigy but also a great individual with qualities like compassion, patience, cheerfulness, courtesy, maturity and trustworthiness.

The worth of one’s opinion lies in his knowledge and experience as his vision is without discrepancy, to mentor or run an institution is not only to hire a content expert but a teacher who is a learner himself, so he can listen and understand each student deeply, a teacher with insight has a power to transform a defiant into an obedient.

In the world we live, everything diminishes on getting used but, knowledge is the only thing that progressively effulges as much as it comes in use to teach others. As the mankind fights back the pandemic, education has set its own course in order to serve humanity through the contemporary means proving that, when a system turns plateau after a certain span, then the time demands to replace it with better option. Let’s be optimistic towards online education that remains a holy task because ‘maladaptive trait’ is something absent in our heredity and the change is evolutionary.

Dr. Jayant Chowdhuri