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Online Fee Payment



6 months fees will be charged if the child leaves in mid-session. If the student leaves the school before the end of the session, fees will be payable for full season. Under no circumstances, fees will not be refunded and adjusted . In case, of mid- session admission, fees has to be paid in full. No part payment will be accepted. A parent/ guardian can be asked to remove his/ her ward from the school due to any of the following reasons :-

  • constant weakness in studies
  • Irregularities in attendance
    • After depositing the admission fees parents are not entitled to refund the admission fees.

      Parents/ guardians who persistently disobey the school rules, or who are constantly over demanding in attitude will be deemed non-cooperative. In the absence of the possibility of a viable working relationship with them to the advantage of their wards, principal has the right to demand the withdrawal of the ward of parent or guardian in question.

      When parents/ guardians are called to the school by the principal to discuss the aspects of their children's / wards academic performance of general behavior , they must assume that the reason for such a call are of considerable importance or urgency.

      Hence, unless their cooperation is immediate and whole - hearted, they shall be obliged to withdrawal their child from school. It is expected that all students should participate in any or all the extra - curricular activates of the school when called upon to do so. Without exception from the principal, a student refusal to comply in this matter with entail immediate and compulsory withdrawal of the student in question from the school.